Friday, August 25, 2017

I won an astrophotography award!

Okay so they told me a few months ago, but I actually got the award at the Astronomical League conference in Casper while I was there for the conference and the solar eclipse.  It's the OPT/Astronomical League Imaging Award, and I got 2nd place in the Deep Sky category with my image of the Rosette Nebula!

I get a $125 gift certificate to OPT (Oceanside Photo & Telescope), and the ability to say I'm an award-winning astrophotographer!  Haha.  

They didn't have the certificate or the gift certificate there since they didn't know I was coming to the gala (I didn't know either - the email notification I got from them just said "at the AL conference," and I hadn't ordered gala tickets before they sold out, but then I saw in the program that the awards presentation was at the gala, so the organizers very kindly found me a ticket), so they're mailing them to me instead.


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  1. I'm just now getting into AP, so I'm devouring MUCH that is relevant to me. I appreciate the effort you have made, in your Pay it Forward approach, to write the 9 articles that you did for newbies like me. Also, congrats [almost a year ago!!], belatedly, for your award. It REALLY is a fine image....and a motivator for me [I also enjoyed your down to earth & charming presentation on the AI Channel, btw.]!
    Best to you,