Thursday, September 1, 2016

#56 - Thursday, September 1, 2016

After helping mow the lawn and smooth out the parking lot, I got my telescope set up.  The guide camera was being super noisy, however.  Tons of noisy banding in PHD.  I tried focusing to see if it would go away, but I couldn’t get it focused, so I decided to just try and image Saturn using FireCapture (the noise wasn’t showing up there) with the new QHY5 and the filter wheel I got from club member Randy.  After that, I put the DSLR on the guide scope and imaged M81 and M82 together, and got a non-terrible result, but the FOV is so large isn’t not that interesting either.
M81 & M82, Nikon D3100 on my Orion ST-80 atop my C11
82x15s, ISO-1600, no flat

However, the telescope was tracking rather terribly, which is why I had to go the 15s exposures.  I didn’t even really try anything on the scope since tracking was so bad.  My image also turned out a little on the green side – and this is without flats (I’m wondering if my daylight flats have too much blue and if that impacts DSS or if DSS makes them grayscale first).

I only stayed out till about 1:30 AM, as was my plan – I didn’t have time to get my camping gear together that day, so I went home to sleep.

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