Saturday, May 27, 2017

#88 - Saturday, May 27, 2017 - Texas Star Party Night 7

Since it was the last night of the Texas Star Party, I needed to pack up that evening so we could take off in the morning for the long drive back.  However, I decided to grab at least a little more data – you know I can’t resist.  The ISS was scheduled to make a twilight pass near the crescent Moon, so I went to SkySafari to figure out how far away, and then decided to use the 55-200mm lens on the D3200 piggybacked on the Borg.  I grabbed several frames as it moved across, and then also some nice ones of the earthshine as well.  I took some videos on the C11 too, but haven’t processed them.
Moon, Nikon D3200 piggybacked on Borg 76ED on the Celestron AVX mount
200mm @ f/5.6, 0.77s, ISO-800

I made a GIF of the ISS pass (and I think I've figured out how to control the frame rate now):
ISS passing by the moon, Nikon D3100, 165mm @ f/5.6
1/4s, ISO-800 (except for those two weirdly longer frames in the middle, which are 1/2s - not sure why that happened)

What a great trip!  I was glad to spend some time with Melody, and I got some absolutely incredible images.  I imaged 22 separate targets that week, we had clear nights nearly the entire week, I met some awesome people, and had a nice relaxing time out in the middle of West Texas.  I’m so glad I went!  And I’m definitely going to plan on going next year, this time with Miqaela!

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