Monday, May 15, 2017

#80 - Monday, May 15, 2017

I was going to bring out my new CGE Pro to test out on Monday night with Miqaela (and teach her how to guide), but she couldn’t make it after all.  It was clear though, so I couldn’t resist and went out to the memorial scope dome to take some images.  I ended up getting out there late, so I just picked the first target that sounded reasonable for that scope – M81 & M82 – synced to Dubhe, calibrated guiding, and off I went.  Got 23 images, and some high clouds rolled in, but they might still work.  Most of them are clear.  However, I recently turned on GPS data on my Nikon D5300, and that seems to break DSS.  I’m having permissions issues trying to remove it in Windows, and it’d be easy if they were JPEGs and not NEFs, but alas, I’ve been trying for hours.  

[I eventually solved this problem by booting up Ubuntu on my laptop (I have a dual-boot on it for Windows/Ubuntu), and then wrote a bash script using exiftools to remove all of the GPS-related attributes.  It worked!  I still have a lot of dark frames taken in the first two weeks of May that I need to hunt down and cleanse, but I'll do that as I find them, I think.]

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