Tuesday, August 18, 2015

#9 - Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Anton & I looked at Saturn – it’s tilted 24 degrees towards us at the moment, so we should be able to see the Cassini division. With the high humidity and a low score on the “seeing” conditions rating on ClearDarkSky, there was a lot of shimmer, even under moderate power. But I think I could just make out the division.

M9 – neat-looking globular cluster. Didn’t photograph well for 30-second exposures, but you can see it. I tried stacking, and I took raw format photos, but these images turned out so dim and noisy that I aborted the operation.

M13 Hercules Cluster – Also a great-looking globular cluster. Still pretty dim under 30-second exposure, so I took a series of 30-second exposures, ISO 1600, in the raw format. However, either I need more photos to stack, or I’m not doing something right in DeepSkyStacker, because the stacked photo is very dark and I can barely see anything. It is even darker than the individual images, which leads me to believe I’m doing something wrong. Time to consult some YouTube tutorials.

Anton tried to find an asteroid based on its astronomical coordinates he found online, asteroid (15) Eunomia, in the eastern sky around 12:30 AM. We saw a dot of light, like a dim star, and there wasn’t anything in the telescope’s catalog that was nearby, so it may very well have been an asteroid. Cool!

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