Sunday, January 24, 2016

#19 - Sunday, January 24, 2016 - #RidiculouslyPhotogenicNebula

More Orion!! [Out at the state park.]  I just can’t stop photographing it.  I came up with a hashtag: #RidiculouslyPhotogenicNebula (based on a meme from a while back, about a marathon runner who just happened to have the most perfect shot taken of him during the race).  There were some clouds out though, so I got about 21 good exposures, 20” long at ISO-3200.  I did a mass stack with ones from last week, and got a rather bright background but lots more detail!
[Again, unfortunately, I didn't record how many frames were actually stacked by DSS.]
Nikon D3100 on my C8, ISO-3200 & ISO-1600

I’m slowly getting there.  But I’m still not quite satisfied.  I’ll keep trying.  

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