Saturday, June 11, 2016

#41 - Saturday, June 11, 2016

Earlier in the week, the forecast was promising severe thunderstorms on Saturday.  Then, on Friday morning, the forecast changed – the storms would be on Friday, and clear weather on Saturday!  ClearDarkSky showed a fantastic forecast.  There were a lot of people out at the observatory, and several telescopes and binoculars set up.  However, the skies remained covered with high clouds in patches, and then eventually a thick blanket of clouds toward 1 AM.  So the night ended up being a bust.  I took a few images of M51, but it quickly became covered in clouds.  I was going to camp out in my tent and image all night, but around 1:30 AM I decided to call it and went home to sleep, since no imaging was going to be happening at night.  Since two other club members were going to camp the whole weekend, I left my telescope up and put it in Hibernate mode and covered it with a thermal blanket from Bob, and even left my tent up, and went home.  The weather was looking hopeful for Sunday night.  I did also put the Oberwerk binoculars I won recently at an astronomy event onto club member & friend Miqaela's tripod, which wasn’t quite beefy enough to hold them up, but I was able to look at the moon for a bit. 

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