Saturday, August 22, 2015

#11 - Saturday, August 22, 2015

This was exclusively a photo trip.  I even left the camera on the telescope for alignment, so that GoTo would be programmed with the extra weight of the camera affecting how it moves.  (I can see quite well through the viewfinder, actually.)  I took about 150 photos of Andromeda.  For the first 75 or so, it slowly drifted up the frame, so I re-synced it after re-aligning it.  It didn’t rise as much this time.  
M31 Andromeda Galaxy
Nikon D3100 on my C8, 31x30s, ISO-12800

[Mo' data is mo' betta!  Except that M31 is far too large to fit the field-of-view (FOV) of my 8-inch.  But check out those dust lanes!  Also, I didn't know at the time that you had to move the Saturation slider up to 20-25% in DeepSkyStacker in order to get the color back.]

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